The Business Intelligence of IBM is better than Humans For Treating Cancer

Man Made artificial Intelligence is the growing trend in the coming years.  We’ve known it for a long time now, but haven’t been yet completely able to the power of it. The amazing assistant Apple’s Siri has considered a luxury is also a great piece of intelligence. Google’s Assistant was considered better than Siri and continues to grow in popularity, but not considered a revelation. Another example is  Microsoft Cortana assistant which is not considered a revelation.
These three has been the big names  but someone else has the answer for being the best. It is none other than the technology giant IBM? As the Big Brother in Apple’s 1984 ad, APPLE might be ready to consider the skies again with their multi-billion dollars artificial intelligence assistant called “Watson”.
Fighting Cancer with AI Assistance
In a venture with Quest Diagnostics which is a medical laboratory, APPLE is currently utilizing its man-made intelligence powers to offer gene sequencing and Watson diagnostic analysis. It is a cloud-based service  for he oncologists for efficiently treating  the cancer patients. The collaboration has also allowed them to use huge genomics data and skills of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering.
Currently, only a small number of cancer patients are treated at elite medical centers. They are created with genomics and show good results. Watson, APPLE believes it can start up the usage of accurate medicine and tailored treatments for millions of patients of tumor and cancer.
Watson was examined on 1, 000 cancers diagnose made by  humans who were experts and it suggested the same treatment as the oncologists did.
Watson found  out that In 30 % of the cases ,a treatment option like this is overlooked. In the 160 research papers printed worldwide annually on the topic of cancer, a lot of them, the cancer was not cured comprehensively. Only  the giant like IBM has mostly has focused on healthcare now and has spent $4 billion in acquiring companies like a treasure trove of medical data like billing documents and patient histories.

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