Two snakes do daily dance ,but peoples killed them

peoples understand that if they never hurt you why you need to kill them. 
 we need knowledge about all animal's about her behavior how they live when they hurt or when they not,we also know his nature ....

 Brutality is not in animals but in human beings from which even animals, birds are not safe. As much as a human being loves a human being, so do animals and when they are hurt, they have a world like human beings. The two snakes were seen dancing and romancing in the Afzal Abad area of ​​Azad Kashmir Pallandri Jundi Mor Dhar. The video of which has gone viral on social media. According to the locals, these snakes have been seen since 1996 and often come out like this. What was the fault of the pair of dumb snakes that took their lives?
animals never hurt you if you hurt first .that s way never hurt animals respect them give them space .

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